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Release year: 1993 | Players: 1 player | Developed by HAL Laboratory

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​Kirby’s Adventure (AKA Hoshi no Kirby: Yume no Izumi no Monogatari or Kirby of the Stars: The Story of the Fountain of Dreams) was first released in 1993. During this time, the NES console was considered to be aging, and the next generation of game consoles such as the Sega Genesis and Nintendo’s own 16-bit SNES were starting to emerge. Thanks to leveraging every ounce of the NES’ potential and some innovative gameplay, Kirby’s Adventure became the last great game of the NES. At the same time, Kirby, the game’s protagonist, became one of its generation’s most beloved game characters.

One of the most outstanding elements of Kirby’s Adventure is in the graphics. It basically redefined what is possible in the NES, or in 8-bit video game consoles in general. Essentially a product of game programmers’ familiarity with the console, the level of detail in this game is miles ahead of its contemporaries. For this reason, Kirby’s Adventure is considered as an innovative game that took video games to the next level.

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​Just as impressive as the graphics is the gameplay. In Kirby’s Adventure you will take control of Kirby, a pink puffball with the ability to swallow his enemies and acquire their skills. Using this ability strategically is one of the keys to completing this game quickly, which is composed of 7 levels, with an assortment of bosses in each. While you can presumably complete the game in a single sitting, there are still much to play for after you finish the game. An “auto-save” feature, one of the first of its kind, is available, which will prove handy for both casual gamers and completionists.

​Kirby’s Adventure is the last of a generation of great platform games, a capper to the imposing legacy created by the original Nintendo Entertainment System. As one of the most popular video game characters in history, this game is a trend-setter and an innovator, and is basically the perfect game to close out the NES generation.

Kirby’s Adventure has been ported to NES (original version), Nintendo 3DS eShop and Virtual Console (Wii).

Kirby’s Adventure - Nintendo NES
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