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Ice Climber

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Release year: 1985 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Nintendo R&D1

Ice Climber (NES) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Ice Climber (AKA アイスクライマー, Aisu Kuraimā in Japan) is a 2D arcade platform video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and other systems in 1985.

Popo and Nana are the main characters of Ice Climber. They are Ice Climbers dressed in Eskimo parkas — blue for Popo, and pink for Nana. They are armed with mallets or hammers that they use to break the ice above them so that they can advance to the upper levels. They need to go all the way up to the 32nd level of ice to get to the bonus round, and fight the Big Condor that stole all the vegetables.

Ice Climber Cover Box

Ice Climber Cover (NES)

Do take note of the dangers of being left at the lower level. If you get left behind, you fall off the screen and lose a life. You will come back, don’t worry, but you will have already lost one. So, playing Ice Climber requires teamwork. Cooperation and right timing are key to reach the top.

Expect variety on every level. Some of the ice have shading, while slightly dark-colored ones make the players slide either to the left or to the right. Imagine a sort of a conveyor belt to make that stage a little difficult.

A Topi, who looks like either a blue seal or a short yeti, emerges every now and then. It fills up the holes made by the ice climbers until there are no more gaps on the floor.

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Then along will come a Nitpicker. It’s a bird that flies above, or crosses out the Ice Climbers and gives them a hard time to jump up to the next level.

One difficult opponent is the White Bear that emerges when the climbers stay too long in one level. The bear pounds on the ice that forces the screen to move up, thus forcing the climbers to be left out of the screen and lose a life. The bear looks cool though, wearing shades and pink shorts.

Also, beware of icicle build-ups that fall on the climbers every once in a while.

Climbers will be given 40 seconds upon reaching the Bonus stage, which is just below the final level. This is where they can collect all the vegetables that they can to earn more points as possible.

Finally, the player who will advance to the top floor has to grab the Big Condor to end and win the game.

Ice Climber game has been ported to NES (this version), PC-8801, Sharp X1, Arcade, Famicom Disk System.

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