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Release year: 1989 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Ape

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EarthBound Beginnings (AKA Earthbound Zero, Mother or マザー Mazā in Japan) is a 2D RPG video game developed by Ape and published by Nintendo for the NES console in 1989. It was followed by Mother 2 and Mother 3 (2006).

Mother revolves around Ninten, a 12-year-old boy from Podunk who goes to America using his great-grandfather’s studies on psychic powers to collect eight melodies and fight off hostile, mind-controlling aliens.

EarthBound Beginnings (Mother) Cover Box

EarthBound Beginnings (Mother) Cover (Famicom)

Along the way, he encounters four friends that join him in his travels:

  • Lloyd – The youngest in the group, he hides himself inside trash cans to avoid being bullied. He is a master of technology and fights using various weapons.
  • Ana – She has mastery of the PSI arts. She can conjure fire, freeze her foes, command lightning, and shoot out a beam of psychic energy.
  • Teddy – The leader of the BB gang (a group of ruffians) and whose parents were murdered, he is strong and very good with bladed weapons.
  • Pippi – She is characterized by her pigtails and provides a helpful item, the Franklin badge.

EarthBound Beginnings / Zero’s core gameplay is pretty rudimentary, with the player traveling around an exceptionally vast and continuous world map in search for 8 melodies.

with an eclectic set of alien foes that randomly appears for fights that makes the game rather tiresome. It sometimes requires too much grinding to level up and be able to go through difficult areas and tougher enemies.

The game designer modeled Mother’s gameplay with Dragon Quest games. The start of the game is pretty rough and requires a lot of grinding or doing repetitive tasks to gain an advantage such as special skills or items.

The game’s graphical presentation matches with other late NES titles. The play environment is bright and colorful and the sprites are wonderfully drawn with exacting details.

EarthBound Beginnings has a large arrangement of quirky and catchy music that keeps the game interesting through some monotonous rounds. Most of its music were eventually released into albums and some were reused in later versions and extensions of the game. The main theme, The Eight Melodies, played a heavy role in the story and has lyrical versions on the album sung by St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir.

Overall, this game is not recommended if you’re not ready to do a lot of grinding. Otherwise, Mother is an excellent startup game into the RPG dimension.

EarthBound Zero (Beginnings) game has been ported to Nintendo NES (this version), and Virtual Console.

EarthBound Beginnings (Mother) - Nintendo NES
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