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Release year: 1993 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Taito

Bubble Bobble 2 (AKA バブルボブル2) is an amazing 1993 2D arcade platform game and a sequel to Bubble Bobble. Two different versions came out – one for Nintendo Entertainment System and the other for Game Boy.

The stories for each version have slight differences. In the NES version, you control Bub and try to rescue his girlfriend Judy who was kidnapped by a floating skull. In the two-player mode, another playable character named Bob appears. But, there’s a big difference in the coop mode for BB2 which may (or may not) disappoint you.

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There are new features in BB2 that weren’t on the first Bubble Bobble. One of the most notable features added is the ability to hold several bubbles all at once. The main playable characters can now float. Also, they can shoot 3 bubbles at the same time. This skill is most helpful during boss and mini-boss battles. Its predecessor offers a variety of special bubbles. BB2 introduces new kinds of special bubbles like the tornado bubble.

The developers didn’t add some of the collectibles and power-ups in the first game. But, they’ve added more variety to other areas.

In the two-player mode, the players will take turns for each level. It doesn’t feature a cooperative gameplay, unlike other Bubble Bobble games. This may be quite disappointing for some players.

The Bubble Bobble 2 NES version’s graphics aren’t as good as the arcade version. But, it’s still okay since the character sprites are large and detailed. Both the level details and characters have vibrant colors and the characters are as cute as ever. There’s nothing much to say about the music. It’s an upbeat improved version of the sequel’s music that can be stuck in your head for days.

It could’ve gotten a replay value of 8 if it weren’t for the annoying 2-player mode. But, a few players might like this kind of coop gameplay.