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Release year: 1988 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Konami

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Blades of Steel (AKA Konami Ice Hockey or コナミック アイスホッケー Konamikku Aisuhokkē in Japan) is a 8-bit 2D sports ice hockey video game developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1988.

The graphics of the game are considerably good for its age although occasional slowdown happens during the game. The animation of characters is a bit faulty as there are teams whose colors look almost alike which can lead to confusion.

In terms of sound, there is no music that plays during Blades of Steel. Crowd noises are the only sound that can be heard in-game. The game, however, incorporates synthesized voices that sound realistic, which is impressive because such sound was not common for NES games back then.

Blades of Steel Cover Box

Blades of Steel Cover (NES)

The game adopts the system of the real-life sport as its core gameplay. A player’s team is composed of five men and a goalie. Though fictional, the teams in the game represent real American and Canadian cities. It might be difficult to play the game at first but it only takes a few rounds to get used to the gameplay.

The fistfight feature is probably the most notable feature of Blades of Steel. Whenever a team member knocks into one of the opponents three times in a row, the game zooms in and switches over to another screen where the players involved would fight 1v1. Each player has a health bar on top and can take any of the three actions namely, low attack, high attack, or block.

The feature is highly entertaining and it adds realistic touch to the game. The players would actually throw down their gloves before the fight begins. The first player who gets his health bar depleted will be sent to the penalty box while the winning player gets the puck. After the fight, the game switches back to the main screen and the round resumes.

Though this game has always been compared to Nintendo’s own ice hockey game, they actually differ in many aspects. But with Blades of Steel’s realistic interpretation of the sport, this is certainly better than Nintendo’s Ice Hockey.

Blades of Steel has been ported to NES (this version), Arcade, Amiga, C64, MS-DOS, Family Computer Disk System, and Game Boy.

Blades of Steel - Nintendo NES
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