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Release year: 1997 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by SNK

The King of Fighters ’97 (NeoGeo) – Free and unblocked game to play online

Released in 1997, The King of Fighters ’97 is the 4th game in The King of Fighters series. This is the installment where the storyline started to work out. It ended the Orochi Saga, which began in The King of Fighters ’95.

In this release, SNK added a few new characters in the game. This time, there are 29 playable characters you can choose from. You need to pick up three characters to make up your own team, and then fight your way up with other teams until you face the final boss. One of the highlights of the changes in the series is you can now play either in “Extra” or “Advanced” mode.

Extra mode is just like a normal mode in The King of Fighters, while the advanced mode lets you play faster and adopt an offensive type of game. With the new gameplay, it allowed customization of teams, and it also allowed every player to play the game based on how they want it to be.

The King of Fighters '97 Cover Box

The King of Fighters ’97 Cover (NEO GEO)

The graphics boasts of a lot of improvement compared to the previous versions of The King of Fighters. There is a bunch of new vibrant animation that made the game more compelling. They made 7 new backgrounds for the stage, which is something new to the eyes of gamers, since they haven’t changed the design of the characters too much.

The effects in The King of Fighters ’97 are good, just like the older versions, and the speaker in the game is engaging and powerful. The downside of the new iteration is that they removed the theme music that sets the atmosphere in the battle.

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The King of Fighters ’97 improved in every aspect, starting from the storyline, gameplay, graphics, and music. Although there are few downsides when it comes to music and sound effects, the version is probably the best in KOF series. If you loved the previous versions, this version is highly recommended since it allows players to have more control of the game.

The King of Fighters ’97 game has been ported to Arcade, Neo-Geo system (this version), Neo-Geo CD, Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Vita, Virtual Console, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows.

The King of Fighters ’97 - Neo Geo
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