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Release year: 1993 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by SNK

Super Sidekicks (NeoGeo) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Super Sidekicks (AKA 特点王 Tokuten Ō or “Goal-Scoring King” in Japan) is a 2D sports soccer simulator video game developed and published by SNK for the Neo-Geo console in 1993. It is the first SNK soccer game ever! Luckily, you can play it online with our NEO GEO emulator.

The gameplay of the game is fast with different animations for the players like run, tackler, and kick. They can also do headers and back-heels. It’s quite different from a real soccer match. One match is played in one period until the end. The only time the timer stops is when the ball goes out of play. The referee doesn’t issue any foul cards. Fouls only allow free-kicks or award penalties when the fouls happen.

Super Sidekicks Cover Box

Super Sidekicks Cover (NEO GEO)

The game may be action-packed and exciting, but it has some downsides, too. The gameplay is too simple that it’s impossible to choose players. Even with only two buttons, it’s a bit difficult to control since every movement and should be precise. Missing the goal by a mere pixel can get quite frustrating.

The music is repetitive in all matches, but suites the game. The cheering crowd effects can be annoying for some. Still, the vocal speeches are crystal clear.

Super Sidekicks is bright and colorful like any pixelated arcade game. It has some good visual touches. The view will zoom out a little for throw-ins and goal kicks. Matches that feature rain have water spray up when sliding along the pitch. When fouls happen, it shows a detailed close-up image of the player until a magic sponge appears.

The standard character look is not very detailed. Characters have a few duplicated designs with the players in all the twelve teams.

The different modes don’t give players enough reason to play again after winning the cup. It has few options and teams which aren’t that appealing. But since it’s fast-paced, it’s a great game for two players who would want a quick match.

Super Sidekicks may be considered one of the most old-school arcade games nowadays. It trades realism for the quick arcade version of soccer. It might not be enjoyable to play alone, but playing it with friends is fun and exciting.

Super Sidekicks game has been ported to Arcade, Neo Geo (this version), Neo Geo CD, and Nintendo Virtual Console.

Super Sidekicks - Neo Geo
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