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Street Hoop

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Release year: 1994 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Data East

Street Hoop (NeoGeo) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Street Hoop (AKA Street Slam, Dunk Dream – ダンクドリーム in Japan) was developed by Data East and was released back in 1994, it was released after the year NBA Jam took over the arcade console. In Japanese and European versions, the game consists of 10 different countries, while in the US version, it consists of 10 NBA teams.

This game is very similar to NBA Jam. One main difference is that Street Hoop is three versus three basketball, while NBA Jam is only two on two. After the introduction, you will have to choose your team. Each team has different Dunk, Three-point, Speed, and Defense attributes. The game is lighter compared to NBA Jam since it has no shot clock and goaltending violations.

Street Hoop Cover Box

Street Hoop Cover (NEO GEO)

The game has a lot of depth when it comes to the movements of the player. You can do fake dunks, make mid–jump fakes, steal the ball, and even shove other players. Controls are very simple since the game only uses two buttons. This game also has a two player mode, which is super fun to play. The downside in this game is that there is no way to choose who you pass the ball to, which makes it hard to set up a good defense.

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Graphics are good, and very detailed. They used a wide range of colors, which made the images even better. The court and the background audiences are very detailed and well animated.

Music and sound effects are excellent. The sound was based on American Hip-hop culture, a mix of hip-hop and dance music. The soundtrack is very catchy and sets the mood on the court. The voices and sound effects are crystal clear as well.

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The gameplay is good, having 6 players on the court adds more intensity to the game. And, having a two player mode makes the game more exciting, and fun to play. If you loved NBA Jam, you will definitely love this game. It’s a must try even to those who don’t enjoy sports games that much since it is lighter than NBA Jam.

The game is somehow difficult, and this lessens its replay value, but having a multiplayer mode is a great thing, and will make you want to play it again and again.

Street Hoop game has been ported to Neo Geo (this version) and Nintendo Virtual Console.