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Release year: 1994 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Data East

Spin Master (NeoGeo) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Spin Master (AKA Miracle Adventure, ミラクルアドベンチャー in Japan) is a side-scrolling platformer / beat ’em up that features vivid animated visuals of the prehistoric world and ancient civilizations. Tom and Johnny are the new Joe & Mac, the pair of clumsy and goofy animated cavemen used by Data East, the developer, in some of their side-scrolling action video games. This game chronicles the adventure and exploits of the pair as they go around the globe looking for the five pieces of a treasure map.

Miracle Adventure for the Neo Geo is full of action, even though it has simple controls. Its gameplay is fast-paced, and you have to run and jump to evade enemy fire and kill mobs. However, when it comes to visuals and character graphics, Spin Master is on a different league if compared to other-side scrollers that were released in the 1990’s.

Spin Master Cover Box

Spin Master Cover (NEO GEO JAP)

This game has better graphics than other 2d side-scrolling games like Metal Slug and Gunstar Heroes. The backdrops are vivid, representing images of historical sites, and the characters and mobs are solidly drawn and only have minimal pixelation. Data East has also incorporated minute details of each setting like hieroglyphics, jungle vegetation, medieval-styled bricks, and many more.

The game has 5 stages and a bonus stage. Each stage is divided into 4 or more levels. Each stage has different types of enemies such as scorpions, mummies, and soldiers.

Also, you have to deal with different types of traps like quicksand, rising water, spiked, and fire traps. When you complete a stage, you’ll get bonus points and recover a piece of the treasure map.

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Your main weapon in this game is a yo-yo. But you can also acquire additional weapons such as a boxing glove and a fireball. Each weapon has its own range and effect.

Another feature in this game is the ability to jump on mobs to destroy them. Most of the mobs are masked henchmen. You will also encounter birds, which often carry treasure chests that hold power-ups like life restoration, weapons, and health kits.

Spin Master has varied levels, great visual designs, and fun cartoony mobs and playable characters. It offers an action-packed gaming experience and less repetitive gameplay than other arcade games. Its stages can be cleared quickly, but if you maximize the game’s difficulty and limit your credits, the challenge will be there.

Spin Master / Miracle Adventure game has been ported to Arcade, NEO-GEO (this version), Virtual Console, Zeebo.

Spin Master / Miracle Adventure - Neo Geo
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