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Release year: 2003 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by SNK Playmore

Metal Slug 5 (NeoGeo) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

As the fifth installment to this iconic and influential 2D action adventure run & gun title, Metal Slug 5 (AKA メタルスラッグ 5 in Japan) for the NEO-GEO is proof of the timelessness of the franchise’s formula.

The gameplay is practically the same as before. The only addition to the controls is that you can now do a power slide, which lets you go through small passages faster. Otherwise, you still run, jump, duck, and shoot guns the same way as before.

Metal Slug 5 Cover Box

Metal Slug 5 Cover (NEO GEO AES)

Just like in the games where we grew up playing and loving, the main objective in Metal Slug 5 is to run through various settings, gunning and slugging down as much baddies as you can. It’s still fast-paced and requires quick reflexes to survive as well. It’s a good thing that the phrase “watered-down” is not needed in this review. The cartoon violence of past games of the saga is also still present, so the full Metal Slug experience in this installment is guaranteed.

The most apparent difference this game has from its predecessors is its additional weapons to play with, new enemies to kill and, of course, more slugs to ride. This game introduces one of the most unique slugs in the franchise, the Spider Slug. Its four legs are attached to the ceiling and floors, while a rotating machine gun fires from its body. Two other slugs, the Slug Gunner and the Car Slug, are also available.

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Despite the new slugs, they make room for the classics, namely the titular Metal Slug, the Slug Mariner, and the Slug Flyer. So, you apprehensive nostalgics, chill out: you’ll still get to ride your favorites. The more observant gamers will notice that this installment has also been outfitted with new music and sound effects. It’s something that’ll only be noticed when really paid attention to. This subtlety gives the game its feeling of being something new.

Overall, Metal Slug 5 reminds us of the genius behind Metal Slug as a whole. Its simplistic formula is just all too good that it never gets old. You can adorn it with new weapons, new vehicles, and new music. No matter what you do with it, it’ll always be great, as long as the heart of it is there.

Metal Slug 5 game has been ported to Arcade, Neo Geo (this version), PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows.

Metal Slug 5 - Neo Geo
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