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Release year: 2005 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Tose

Super Princess Peach (NDS) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Super Princess Peach (AKA スーパープリンセスピーチ, Sūpā Purinsesu Pīchi in Japan) is a platform video game developed by Tose and published by Nintendo for the NDS console in 2005. It is the first game in the Mario series to feature Princess Peach as the main playable character. This game sold about 1.15 million games globally.

Mario was a big hit all over the world. There are tons of games and titles that feature Mario and his friends going through difficult challenges to save Princess Peach. In Super Princess Peach, Bowser captures and imprisons Mario and Luigi. It’s up to Princess Peach to save them by going through difficult levels and boss battles in eight worlds.

Super Princess Peach Cover Box

Super Princess Peach Cover (NDS)

Super Princess Peach isn’t far from the traditional Mario games. There are eight worlds to go through with six levels and a boss battle. Basic controls include running, jumping, and hopping on enemies.

A fun addition to the game is Perry, a talking umbrella. Peach can use Perry as a weapon and as a means of transportation. There are other abilities that are available in the game’s shop.

The feature that sets the game apart from Mario is Peach’s power of utilizing her emotions. With the use of her Joy, Gloom, Rage, and Calm emotions, she can perform amazing stunts and powerful attacks.

It’s me… Peach!

The graphics used in the game are also quite similar to Mario games – colorful, vibrant, and fun. There are many characters that were also in Mario games.

It’s more focused on being cute and simple since the protagonist of the game is a princess. The parallax scrolling and layered effects of the backgrounds give depth to the characters and enemies.

The developers tried their best to not make Super Princess Peach an imitation to Mario games. They’ve made unique upbeat music that are mostly consisted of steel drums and plucked strings. But, there’s nothing too special about the sound effects used in the game.

Super Princess Peach scores an average of 8.67. It’s a great game especially if you grew up playing Mario games. Its special elements and features make it exciting and unique.

With over 56 challenging levels and boss battles, you’ll definitely feel satisfied by finally getting back at Bowser for repeatedly kidnapping Princess Peach.

Super Princess Peach game has only been ported to the Nintendo DS handheld console.

Super Princess Peach - Nintendo DS (NDS)
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