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Release year: 2005 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Sega (Sonic Team)

Sonic Rush (NDS) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Sonic Rush (AKA ソニック・ラッシュ Sonikku Rasshu in Japan) is a side-scrolling adventure platform video game developed and published by Sega for the Nintendo DS (NDS) in 2005. If you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush is a game that you will absolutely love. It has been a favorite among gamers ever since and was followed by Sonic Rush Adventure in 2007.

The game is packed with all the Sonic gameplay essentials such as lightning-fast speed, thrilling drop-offs, exciting boss battles, nostalgic sound effects, and a plot that involves saving the world from the evil Dr. Eggman, enemy of the hedgehog in almost all Sonic games.

Aside from these classics, the game also features a cool new element: the tricks. As you blaze through each level, you’ll find yourself launched into the air when you jump on trampolines and bumpers. Pressing on that jump button will make Sonic do awesome tricks like spinning and flipping, which will help refill your dash meter a bit. You can then use these dash attacks to move faster and bust through enemies you encounter. Adds a bit of thrill to the game, right?

Sonic Rush Cover Box

Sonic Rush Cover (NDS)

A new character is also introduced in Sonic Rush: Blaze the Cat, the protector of the Sol Emeralds. Blaze is another playable character in the game whose path is different than that of Sonic’s. She moves in different arenas and faces different challenges. Gamers who opt to play with her character will see the story unfold from a different point of view.

What makes the game truly different, however, is the two-screen display that the developers have managed to perfect for the Nintendo DS. Players now have a bigger playing arena. There are times when Sonic and Blaze move up and down from one screen to another without any warning, and this can be quite dizzying. But, you’ll just get used to it and soon realize that it actually adds to the excitement of the game. The boss fights, however, occur only on one screen.

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Despite the two-screen display, the graphics remain sharp, colorful, and still moves very, very fast.

Hands down, Sonic Rush is the best and most addictive Sonic the Hedgehog experience out there. It is a great combination of the classic Sonic thrill and the modern playing experience that NDS offers. Don’t miss a chance to try it.

Sonic Rush game has only been ported to Nintendo DS.

Sonic Rush - Nintendo DS (NDS)
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