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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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Release year: YEAR | Players: 1 players | Developed by DEVELOPER

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (AKA 逆転裁判 Gyakuten Saiban, lit. Turnabout Trial in Japan) is a point and click adventure game by Capcom and was originally released from Game Boy Advance (GBA) in the year 2001 in Japan. Nintendo DS (NDS) version was released in Japan and North America in 2015, and 2006 in Europe. This updated version was more enhanced than the GBA. Gamers from the United States enjoyed and played this compared to the GBA version.

With Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’s story line is based on the Japanese legal system, where NDS players will take the role of a newly bar passer and Defense Lawyer, Phoenix Wright. Since he’s just starting out as an Attorney, he is a little bit nervous which makes his character funny, too.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Cover Box

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Cover (NDS)

The first chapter of the game will serve as a tutorial for players on how to dig evidence, cross examine the witnesses and the trial process. As the game progresses, the players will face more evidence-digging. After getting all the evidences for each case, the player will need to prove the innocence of his client. The players will meet different and interesting character along the way, including Phoenix Wright’s rival, Miles Edgeworth.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’s gameplay will reach its climax during the court trial. Phoenix can shout “Hold It!” to interrupt the witness and ask more details or present an evidence that can turn around the witness’s statements.

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a well written narrative game, with a balance of logical dialogues and sense of humor. Although this is a text adventure game, the dialogues are enjoyable, which makes it interesting for the players. Every character has a different quirkiness in them. The court room segments where the players prove their client’s innocence are simply satisfying, especially when you win the case. Another essential component of the game is the voice recognition feature where the players need to shout “Objection!” or “Hold it!”.

This game has strong melodies heard perfectly in timing with each scene, which makes the players feel more satisfied especially whenever each case is solved.

Since this game is linear in design, the game will just have the same outcome, so there’s no point in repeating the game. This manga-inspired design has little animation and is mostly just dialogues.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, targets players who are into crime-solving puzzles. This game will get players hooked with its great narrative and humor, interesting characters and different cases to solve.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game has been ported to Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS (this version), Microsoft Windows, Wii, iOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.