Metroid Prime: Hunters - Nintendo DS (NDS)
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Metroid Prime: Hunters

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Release year: 2006 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by Nintendo Software Technology

Metroid Prime: Hunters (NDS) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Metroid Prime: Hunters (AKA …) is a 2006 first-person (FPS) action-adventure video game published and developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS (NDS) handheld game console. This portable game was launched after Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA).

A mysterious message from the Alimbic Cluster convinces the Space Federation to send one of their best bounty hunters to investigate – Samus Aran. However, the SF isn’t the only galactic power to receive the transmission. Six other Hunters join the fray in search of what might just be the artifact to tip the balance of power in the galaxy.

So begins Metroid Prime: Hunters, a game in the Metroid Prime universe set between the first and second games. Like its parent series, the game is played from a first person perspective. However, it takes full advantage of the dual screen capability of the Nintendo DS.

Metroid Prime: Hunters Cover Box

Metroid Prime: Hunters Cover (NDS)

Due to the lack of an analog stick, your perspective is controlled via the lower screen. You use the stylus within the radar circle and Samus looks around accordingly, paired with the directional buttons to move her around the many planets you explore. Meanwhile, you fire with the R button, much like you would on console shooters. The lower screen is also used to switch weapons and powerups.

All the action takes place on the top screen, and it’s rendered to the best of the DS’ capability. They look a little jagged, yes, and so does the environment, but considering the platform Metroid Prime: Hunters is being played on, it’s understandable and does not detract anything from the gameplay experience.

The main story is essentially the same as classic Metroid Prime. You collect weapons, ammo and solve puzzles, all the while shooting hostile flora and fauna on the various explorable planets. What differs, however, is the sheer linearity of the game – unlike the main series, you simply progress from one world to another without the need to go back. You can go back, but unlike before, it isn’t required.

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Further complicating the quest is Samus’ rival Hunters, who all serve as mini-bosses. They sometimes work together, sometimes against each other, all in the name of obtaining the ultimate power. The reward for beating the Hunters? Their weapons, which allow Samus to open up new doors to previous worlds for additional, but not necessary, rewards.

The other main feature of Metroid Prime: Hunters is its absolutely fun multiplayer. One can say it’s a precursor of today’s hero shooters – a player picks any of the seven Hunters and dukes it out with three other players, using each Hunter’s unique loadout to win the game.

Both modes are played with music that truly gives a sense of mystery, when you’re exploring, and urgency and action, when in fights. Combined with the alternating puzzle and shooter gameplay, Metroid Prime: Hunters keeps you on your toes the entire game, but doesn’t shy away from bombastic boss fights to keep things fresh. Overall, it is a sublime first person shooter for the DS, even without the Metroid coat of paint it has. Definitely a must-try game.

Metroid Prime: Hunters game has been ported to NDS (this version), and Nintendo Virtual Console (2015).