Metal Slug 7 - Nintendo DS (NDS)
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Metal Slug 7

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Release year: 2008 | Players: 1 player – multiplayer | Developed by SNK Playmore

Metal Slug 7 (NDS) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Metal Slug 7 (AKA メタルスラッグ7 Metaru Suraggu 7 in Japan) is a 2D action run & gun video game developed and published by SNK Playmore for the Nintendo DS (NDS) handheld console in 2008. This game is the 8th and last title in the Metal Slug series.

The game’s story remains the same with a slight twist. Metal Slug 7 still features Marco and his gang versus General Morden, but it looks like they have traveled back into the past. Just like other SNK games, the story details for MS7 is tremendously limited but the game stays great.

Metal Slug 7 Cover Box

Metal Slug 7 Cover (NDS)

The story looks like a prelude to Metal Slug 4. The Peregrine Falcon Strike Force groups accept General Morden and his secretive partners from the future, but it is not really a big deal. Just concentrate on the game, kill your enemies, and you step up.

Like most MS games, your mission is to kill enemy fighters and destroy their cars using your vehicles called “Slugs.” Your character will gain a boost each time you win as every stage will end with a huge boss match. Likewise, you will get power-ups for all POW’s you have saved, and the game will continue until you win, die, or earn a high rating.

Aside from the usual single-player and multiplayer modes, Metal Slug 7 has a new mode called Combat School featuring mini levels and different missions to accomplish. Your goal for the mini levels is not just to finish the mission, but to attain the main game’s “secondary” objective like “save more POW’s” or “kill the existing enemy targets only.” You will get a score for every mini level you complete. Each score is equivalent to points or XP, and you get a military rank when you reach a specific border of points.

The 8th and last title in the Metal Slug series…

The gameplay stays focused on run-and-gun shooting. Pick your favorite commando and start shooting and killing anything that moves. Metal Slug 7 has 7 levels and 3 difficulties such as Beginner, Normal, & Hard. The game uses the NDS touchscreen to display the map in which you can see the levels and locations of captured prisoners and your power-ups. The popular weapons in the game’s previous versions came back, such as the “Thunder Shot” that can kill your enemies with a powerful electric blast.

Metal Slug 7 has the usual sprites, but you will see new animations showing the new special attacks of every character and boss. Though the graphics are slightly obsolete in pushing and texturing the Nintendo’s limitations, still they have the typical retro feel you can see in the previous Metal Slug versions.

You will hear screams of the stabbed or shot characters and the usual machine gun firing at the start of the game. The game’s background music is also great while the sound effects are incredibly unique.

Metal Slug 7 is truly a great action-shooting game. It has intense battle missions, a new game mode with 80 drill missions, new enemies to kill, and new Slugs to enjoy.

Metal Slug 7 game has been ported to Nintendo DS (this version), PSP, PlayStation 4, Xbox Live Arcade.

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