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Release year: 2011 | Players: 1 player | Developed by HAL Laboratory

Kirby Mass Attack (NDS) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Kirby Mass Attack (AKA あつめて!カービィ Atsumete! Kābī, lit. “Gather! Kirby” in Japan) is a 2D platform video game with a touch of cuteness. This game, developed by HAL Laboratory, was released in 2010 for the Nintendo DS console. Its game design is delicious, and it has colorful and beautiful graphics. It has lots of mini-games, puzzles, unlockables, and bonuses. As a platform game, Kirby Mass Attack beats Super Mario DS games, like Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2 and Super Princess Peach, when it comes to sound, gameplay, graphics, and game mechanics.

One day, Kirby went to Popopo, a group of islands located in the southern sea of Popstar. When he landed on one of the islands, he fell asleep in a field. Necrodeus, the leader of Skull gang, used his magic staff to split Kirby to 10 tiny Kirbys. Each of them has only 10% of Kirby’s original power. Necrodeus left, leaving the 10 Kirbys in despair. They looked up at the night sky and saw the Heroic Heart. It guided them towards their journey to put themselves back together and defeat Necrodeus.

Kirby Mass Attack Cover Box

Kirby Mass Attack Cover (NDS)

The gameplay of Kirby Mass Attack is similar to Super Mario’s, but instead of using buttons, you have to use a stylus pen to play the game. Tapping the touchscreen generates a star that the Kirbys can cling onto. By tapping obstacles or enemies, you can send your Kirbys to attack them. You can also use a Kirby as a projectile to hit long-range mobs.

Up to ten Kirbys per stage can be controlled. You can increase the number of your Kirbys by collecting fruits. When a blue Kirby is hit, its color will become gray and will float away unless you drag it down towards the other Kirbys. If you fail to achieve the objective for each round or you ran out of Kirbys, it is game over.

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Like other platformers, Kirby Mass Attack is a 1D video game, but for a DS game, its design and graphics is way more advanced than other games of its kind. If you play this game, expect to be captivated with its vibrant look.

Kirby Mass Attack is a blast to play. It is especially rewarding to unlock mini-games, puzzles, and background music. Even though it has a repetitive gameplay, its storyline, secrets, and design will make you want to play more.

Kirby Mass Attack game has only been ported to the NDS.

Kirby Mass Attack - Nintendo DS (NDS)
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