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Release year: 2008 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Square

Chrono Trigger DS (NDS) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Chrono Trigger (AKA クロノ・トリガー Kurono Torigā) is, without any kind of doubt, one of the most popular classic RPG games. It was created in 1991 for the SNES by a team of three game designers including Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. The characters were designed by a known manga artist, Akira Toriyama. The Nintendo DS version was released in 2008 which sold more than 700,000 copies in 2009 alone.

This game has a pretty simple system and design, which is pretty awesome. It has a two-dimensional fictional world with cities, green forests, and dark dungeons.

This game is about a team of heroes trying to stop a group of monsters. It has scripted battle sequences, much like the Final Fantasy series. The main protagonist is named Crono.

Chrono Trigger NDS Cover Box

Chrono Trigger Cover (NDS)

This game has a time travel element, making it more interesting and fun. The battle system is also fresh and you can control up to three heroes — or you can just jump from one timeline to another.

The Nintendo DS version of Chrono Trigger has updated visuals. It also enables touchscreen use, but you can still play it in classic mode.

This version is interesting and cool. But the visuals of the Nintendo DS are not as great beautiful as the PlayStation version. The script is better though because it flows well.

The arena battle area called the “Arena of Ages” is quite amazing. You can select an opponent and when you win, you get a little stronger.

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The Nintendo DS version has a lot of new items such as shield cloak, smoke meat, dragonhead, angel’s tiara, dragon armor, valor crest, regal gown, and feral wrath. It also features new enemies, such as the dream devourer, bladesman, iron maiden, Hercules beetle, bone knight, soul stalker, chrysosuar, and jadewing.

Chrono Trigger is fun and engaging. It’s simple and yet complicated enough to challenge you. This game is a classic. It’s even historic. It’s a favorite of many gamers, especially those who started playing in the 1990s.

However, even if a few updates were done for Nintendo DS, it’s still the same old game. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and extremely innovative, this is not the game for you.

Chrono Trigger game has been ported to SNES (original version), Nintendo DS (this version), Sony PlayStation, iOS (App Store), Android (Google Play Store).

Chrono Trigger - Nintendo DS (NDS)
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