List of the most popular Video Games genres. Check all the different types

The different video game genres sometimes generate some doubts between users and gamers: How many genres of games are there? Which are? What does “Shoot ’em up“, “Run and Gun” or “Beat’ em up” mean? What type of game corresponds to each genre? What are the best games of each genre?

To solve all these questions and doubts about the types of video games, our glossary is born, where you can find all the genres listed and explained, and even links to play the best video games of each genre!

Top Genres for Every Retro Console 🎮

Video Game Systems 🎮

Let’s check the most EPIC video game systems of all times:

Video Game Sagas 🎮

Video Game TOP Developers 🎮

More video game genres, systems and sagas coming soon. Stay tuned.

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