Gunstar Heroes - Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)
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Gunstar Heroes

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Release year: 1993 | Players: 1 player – 2 players | Developed by Treasure

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Gunstar Heroes (AKA ガンスターヒーローズ Gansutā Hīrōzu in Japan) is a 2D side-scrolling run and gun video game developed by Treasure and published by Sega for the Genesis 16-bit home console in 1993. The game is considered as one of the best action games of all time and it has a gameplay very similar to Konami’s Contra.

The game features the story of a mercenary family called the Gunstars as they stop a totalitarian empire. The rogue group tries to gather the four gems that can revive a dangerous ancient weapon while battling against hordes of enemies. The family includes twin brothers, Blue and Red, a sister, Yellow, and the Eldest Brother, Green.

Gunstar Heroes Cover Box

Gunstar Heroes Cover (Genesis)

There are two playable characters in Gunstar Heroes, Red and Blue. Their color schemes represent their shooting style. Red can shoot while moving while Blue features fixed shot meaning that he can’t move while shooting, but his firing damage is greater than Red. In the start of the game, you can choose from four basic weapons.

To power up your gun, you must gather upgrades throughout the game. Except for the standard guns, there are 14 other weapons that you can pick up. You can also engage your enemies in hand-to-hand combat. In addition, moves such as toss, skid, slide, and kick are also available for both Red and Blue.

This game’s first four stages can be selected in any order. In contrast to most games of its genre, your character has a numerical health bar instead of hearts or three lives. Gunstar Heroes features unlimited continues, but if you die, you will start again on the last waypoint.

The goal in Gunstar Heroes is to defeat bosses throughout each level. These mobs are often made up of numerous sprites that grants them simulated scaling, simulated rotation, and fluid movement. In most occasions, there are multiple bosses on a single stage, and they all display different algorithms, abilities, and special moves.

Gunstar Heroes was a well-loved and highly-acclaimed Sega game like Sonic. Although it’s a 16-bit game, it features great visuals and action-packed and fast-paced gameplay.

Gunstar Heroes has been ported to Sega Genesis (this version), Game Gear, Nintendo Virtual Console, Sony PlayStation 2, and 3DS eShop.