Flashback: The Quest for Identity - Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)
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Flashback: The Quest for Identity

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Release year: 1992 | Players: 1 player | Developed by Delphine Software

Flashback: The Quest for Identity (Mega Drive) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Flashback: The Quest for Identity (AKA Flashback in Europe) is a 2D science fiction cinematic platform video game developed by Delphine Software and published by U.S. Gold for the Sega Genesis console in 1992.

Flashback is not really one of the most popular Genesis games, but many people still find it to be one of the best. Some gamers have been hooked to this sci-fi adventure game. The key factor to this obsession is its intriguing plot.

Flashback: The Quest for Identity Cover Box

Flashback: The Quest for Identity Cover (GENESIS)

The storyline of Flashback: The Quest for Identity is among the best stories on Genesis system. You play as Conrad B. Hart, a scientist running away from aliens. He uses a vehicle that looks like a jet bike and is chased by aliens using similar vehicles. They shoot you with bolts and one of them sends you crashing down the planet below. Conrad then wakes up in a jungle without any memory. He finds a holocube with a message that tells him to find Ian, his friend in New Washington.

The gameplay of Flashback is impressive. You have different jumps that you can perform; each one of them is needed in your adventure. You have a pistol as your weapon that you can arm yourself with when you press a button, and then fire it with another. You jump and move differently while you have your pistol equipped. Other maneuvers that you can perform include dangling from a ledge and rolling. You can equip your gun as you roll and dangle.

A great cinematic platformer

The items are added to your inventory as you pick them up. Some items enhance you during fights. You can also throw stones to distract your enemy or to activate a pressure point on the field. Later on in the game, you’ll receive a teleportation device, which is helpful in letting you access otherwise hard-to-reach areas.

Considering this game was released in 1992, it had pretty amazing graphics. The characters were a bit blocky, but still moved quite smoothly and realistically. The cut scenes use excellent camera angles with smooth movements.

The title screen music is moody. Aside from small pieces of music that play from time to time to maintain the atmosphere, in-game music is not that present. The sound effects are not that bad, but the quality of sound is poor.

While most gamers prefer the SNES version, you are still going to have fun playing Flashback for Genesis.

Flashback: The Quest for Identity game has been ported to Amiga, Acorn Archimedes, Mega Drive / Genesis (this version), MS-DOS (floppy disk & CD-ROM), NEC PC-9801, Super NES, Sega CD, FM Towns, 3DO, CD-i, Atari Jaguar, Mac OS, iPhone OS, Symbian, Maemo, Dreamcast, Nintendo Switch.