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Release year: 1991 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Data East

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Captain America and The Avengers (AKA キャプテンアメリカアンドジアベンジャーズ Kyaputen Amerika ando ji Abenjāzu in Japan) is a 2D arcade side-scrolling adventure beat ’em up video game developed by Data East in 1991 for the Sega Genesis 16-bit console and other gaming systems.

At first look, this game is just like your typical superhero beat ’em up genre game. However, just like any other noble superhero, Captain America has a double life. The evil Red Skull persuaded a group of Marvel super villains to join him in destroying the world with a giant laser. The superheroes are on a mission to take all their enemies down.

Captain America and The Avengers supports 2 player cooperative game play (co-op) on the Genesis port. You can choose from four heroes – Captain America, Vision, Iron Man, and Hawkeye. Aside from Red Skull, the boss enemies include Mandarin, Sure, Ultron, the Sentinel robot, Juggernaut, and The Wizard.

The gameplay is quite basic. You can punch, dash, jump, block, pick up items and throw them, and use the special attack of your character by pressing attack and jump at the same time. It is less systematic than other more refined beat ‘em up games as you will not be planning grabs or executing combos as other games.

Captain America and The Avengers Cover Box

Captain America and The Avengers Cover (Genesis)

There are several shooter stages, which differentiate this game from other beat ’em up games. Starting from scene 2, your character will occasionally take to the outer space, sky, or sea and start blasting the enemies.

The sprites of Captain America and The Avengers look smaller than its peers, but the flying segments are most likely the reason why. Smaller sprites can have more space to operate, so they work better in the shooter stages. Moreover, playing in co-op creates possibilities for team-up techniques. In a way, the shooter stages help ease up on the action and provide this game a unique identity among superhero beat ‘em up games.

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With regard to the graphics, this game does a great job in copying the arcade version. The sprites are also small in the original, so nothing is really lost in that part. However, certain backgrounds can sometimes look blurry or flat. Still, the animation and character are is satisfactory and the bigger bosses also look cool.

The music department is commendable as the game has catchy music compositions. Bits and pieces of the audio also help boost the mood.

Overall, this game for Genesis is as enjoyable as its arcade version. There are lots of villains in this game that you will not battle against in other games.

Captain America and The Avengers game has been ported to Arcade, Super NES, Mega Drive / Genesis (this version), Sega Game Gear, Game Boy, and Nintendo Entertainment System.

Captain America and The Avengers - Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)
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