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Release year: 2004 | Players: 1-2 players | Developed by Dimps / Sonic Team

Sonic Advance 3 (GBA) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Sonic Advance 3 (AKA ソニックアドバンス3? Sonikku Adobansu 3 in Japan) is a 2D side-scrolling platform video game developed by Sega for the GBA (Game Boy Advance) handheld console in 2004. It is the third and last Sonic game for the GBA, following Sonic Advance 2. Numerous exciting elements were added in this game with its makers keeping the traditional run fast and the ring collecting adventure that goes across 7 zones. Each zone consists of 3 acts and a boss fight.

You can play Sonic Advance 3 with another player. Each of you can control 2 of the 5 characters with each character possessing different abilities which allow them varied access to different parts of levels. The ability to add another character will look familiar to you if you’ve already played the second sequel, but that element is far more developed than the one you had with the 16-bit game.

Sonic Advance 3 Cover Box

Sonic Advance 3 Cover (GBA)

While most of the graphics employed 2D effects, the rotation movements in the game use 3D. The graphics successfully manage to keep the pace even in those times when Sonic and friends bounce off from spring boards or dash through spirals with blazing speeds. Don’t worry that there are several CPU-intensive effects on the background. The graphics are able to take them in as well.

Well, some critics are not all agog about the team-up dynamic, but here, we’re pretty confident giving the Sonic and Sega Team a thumb-up for bringing in the tag team mechanic. This addition brings something fresh to the table and enhances the entire product rather than sliming it up.

You be selective of the pairing that you will make, because it can affect significantly how you will deal with the enemies, obstacles and paths that you will come across in each level. Push the R button if you want to make some tag tricks.

The different pairings that players can make indicates that Sonic Advance 3 has an open-ended nature. The nice thing about that is you can go through the 21 levels again and again with different characters to play and different techniques to use.

Playing this game more than once will never be a boring experience since the levels offer a good balance between flat-out running and exciting explorations. There are several spots in each level where players may take a break and entertain themselves by doing simple games involving cannons, springboards and bumpers.

If you are for excellent graphics and don’t mind fast-paced actions, then this game deserves a spot in your collection.

Sonic Advance 3 game has only been ported to Game Boy Advance.

Sonic Advance 3 - Game Boy (GBA)
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