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Release year: 2000 | Players: 1 player  | Developed by Tarantula Studios

Grand Theft Auto 2 (GBA) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Grand Theft Auto 2 (AKA GTA 2 or GTA II) is a 2D action-adventure video game that was first published by Rockstar Games in 1999. The release was followed by a couple of versions for different platforms, including the Nintendo Game Boy Color (GBC) in 2000. It is the second game of the GTA series.

Similar to its predecessor, the story of Grand Theft Auto 2 revolves around a guy who strives to make a name in the world of drug syndicates. There are three different gangs in each of the stages of the game which will serve as the main sources of missions. Before a gang assigns a mission to you, however, you need to earn its respect first by messing up with the rival gangs and shooting their members.

Grand Theft Auto 2 Cover Box

Grand Theft Auto 2 Cover (GBC)

There is no need to choose which gang you should ally yourself with because you will be needing a lot of points to proceed to the next level. This means you will have to join all of them at a certain point to access most of the missions available for the stage. The story does not really make that much difference since you will likely end up committing the same criminal acts you probably did in the first Grand Theft Auto.

The graphics of Grand Theft Auto 2 were enhanced although there are still some animations that look horrible especially up close. The jerky camera of the previous game was improved. It now has smoother screen movements.

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Except for the yapping noise, the sound effects of the game also improved. The theme of the soundtrack, however, remained the same which helped Grand Theft Auto 2 maintain its original old-school techno vibe.

The gameplay remained the same as well but the difficulty of the missions was amped up. Missions are just one part of the game though. The other part still gives you freedom to shoot innocent bystanders, mess up with policemen, steal luxury cars, and do other non-mission activities for mere fun.

Overall, GTA 2 for the GBC offers the same fun and exciting challenge of completing missions and trying not to get caught by the armed forces while doing so. This time, however, you get to play it with better graphics and sound effects.

Grand Theft Auto 2 has been ported to Game Boy Color (this version), Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation, and Sega Dreamcast.

Grand Theft Auto 2 - Game Boy (GBA)
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