Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors - Game Boy (GBA)
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Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors

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Release year: 2004 | Players: multiplayer | Developed by Cavia Inc.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (GBA) – Free and unblocked game (NO ROM) to play online

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (AKA ドラゴンボールZ 舞空闘劇 Doragon Bōru Zetto Bukū Tōgeki in Japan) is a 2D fighting video game developed by Cavia Inc. for the Game Boy Advance handheld console in 2004. It was followed by Supersonic Warriors 2, and lots of people think this is the best DB game ever… Will it be true? Play it online now and check it out!

The Game Boy Advance was home to a lot of Dragon Ball Z video games. After all, the Dragon Ball Z franchise is one of the biggest anime franchises of all time. Many of these games had a tendency to rely solely on the franchise name rather than quality to sell.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors breaks away from the typical mold of Dragon Ball Z based games by delivering a fast paced edgy fighting system that stays faithful to its source materials. If there was one Dragon Ball Z game to play on the GBA, this would be it. Anyway, all DB saga fans love this game.

The graphics are great. The game does a superb job of rendering the characters as close as it can to its anime inspirations. The backgrounds are beautiful and make wonderful use of the GBA’s hardware.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Cover Box

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Cover (GBA)

Sound quality is another area where the game does great. The samples used in the game must have been imported from the show itself since the quality of the sound effects are spot on reproductions of what fans of the anime would expect.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors isn’t perfect, though. The character animation can sometimes feel a bit clunky when it should be snappy and quick. One of the most shocking mistakes in the game is that Goku’s Kamehameha is colored yellow when it should be blue.

The single player mode has a story mode that offers the Freeza, Cell, and Majin Buu sagas. They aren’t one to one replications of the show, but are practical and well condensed versions.

Another mode that adds a little bit of variety and fan service is called the “What if?” saga. The mode allows a playable character to become the dominant hero of the series such as Goku being the one to defeat Cell.

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors game is a must play title for any fans of the anime with a GBA.